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November 24, 2011


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Karen Zorn

I have the pleasure of working with Global Family Philanthropy in Les Cayes, Haiti and I have traveled there 3 times this past year. Your post captured my feelings so precisely. I feel so fortunate to know Haiti. Love the work you are doing.

Michelle Lacourciere

Dear Karen, thank you so much for your comment. Very few readers leave notes and I always appreciate them when I get them. Blogging can feel like you are talking to yourself when you don't get comments. Thanks so much, nice to hear when I get it right!

Marjorie Brennan

Michelle, I think you speak for all of us. Your words echo my feelings precisely. I am so grateful for very special people in my life who I have met through my work in Haiti, and for Haiti itself. The positive changes over the past months have made it even more gratifying. I look forward to many more years of enjoying that bottle of incredible feeling!

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